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SLACF Cloth Period Pads - Handmade in Ireland

If you haven't used CSPs - Cloth Sanitary Pads - before, you may have a few questions. 

Here's some relevant informations about SLACF Pads:

  • SLACF Pads are handmade in Ireland
  • SLACF Pads are made by using the finest materials. When you buy a SLACF Pad, you not only buy a pretty and colourful pad, you also own one of the softest, thinest and most absorbent pad on the market
  • SLACF Pads are made sustainably. We make sure to reduce waste every step of the production.
  • SLACF Pads have been tested and approved by our amazing Testers Team before going up for sale. This guarantees that multiple pads users have checked the quality of our products, and given positive feedbacks about them.
  • SLACF Pads have magical powers. Once you wear your pad, you will be instantly taken to a soft pink cloud.... Ok this is not actually true... but, yes, once you wear your pad, you will feel like you are magically taken to a soft pink cloud.

How do I wear my SLACF Pad?

You wear your SLACF pad with the pretty fabric against your skin and the fluffy fleece on your underwear. The fluffy fleece with or without the PUL lining is a liquid repellent material. If you wear your SLACF with the fleece against your skin you will end up in a bloody mess, LITERALLY!!!

How do I wash my SLACF Pad?

If your Pads have any stains/blood stains, you may soak them in cold water with baking soda or salt or any oxygen detergent for a few minutes to remove staining. Then, put them into the washing machine and wash on a gentle wash, low temperature with your regular laundry.
DO NOT Tumble Dry. Dry flat.
Please, be aware that fabric softener may cause fabrics to repel liquid.

Where do I store my used SLACF Pads before I can wash them?

Used Pads can be easily stored in a wet bag. You can either give a good rinse in cold water as soon as you take your pad off and then put in your wet bag, or skip this step and just store into the wet bag until you wash them. You can keep your clean Pads in your drawers, clean wet bag or in a dry bag, like SLACF drawstring bags.

Can I wear my SLACF Pad as soon as I receive it?

Even tho the fabric has been washed before assembly the Pad, we recommend to give your Pad a quick wash before wearing it for the fist time. Please, be aware that your SLACF Pad will be fully absorbent after 1 proper wash

How do I know which SLACF Pad Flow is suitable for me?

You should be ok buying the same absorbency you have been using with disposable pad. Although, many of SLACF customers have reported that SLACF Pads actually absorb more than average disposable pads. 

How do I know which SLACF Pad Shape is suitable for me?

Every person is different and has their expectations on how the Pad should "feel". We recommend to try both SLACF Pad Shapes before committing to a big order.

How often should I change my SLACF Pad?

You should change your SLACF Pad every 3-4hrs, same as you would have done with a disposable pad. If your pad is leaking after 2hrs or less, you are wearing an absorbency that is not appropriate for your Flow and we recommend to go to a higher absorbency (example: from Regular Flow to Heavy Flow)

How many SLACF Pads should I buy to cover my whole period?  

This is the most common question we receive from new users. The answer is ... it depends. Generally, you will need about 6-8 Pads a day (you should change your SLACF Pad every 3-4hrs minimum). If your period last about 5 days you will need approximately 40 Pads to cover your full monthly requirement. BUT... and this is a BIG HUGE BUT, it all depends on your washing routine. The average 40Pads is based on the assumption that you will change your pads regularly, toss the used one in a Wet Bag, and wash all your Pads in one go at the end of of your period. But if you are planning to wash your pads every second day, then you only need about 12-16 pads. If you are planning to wash your pads daily, then you only need 6-8 pads. One very important thing that you should remember is that it's ABSOLUTELY OK not to buy your full stash in one go. Actually, it's better not to buy your Pads stash in one go. Start small, with a few pads in different lengths, absorbencies and shape, and see which one work better for you. Every person is different, and what works for one may not works for another. Beside, it's totally expectable to still use some disposable pads while your building up your SLACF Pads stash.

Please if you have any question about your SLACF Pads feel free to contact us via email- sweetlavender.and.chiliflakes@gmail.com - or through our Contact Form

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