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Cloth Period Pads - Light & Regular Starter Pack
Cloth Period Pads - Light & Regular Starter Pack
Cloth Period Pads - Light & Regular Starter Pack

Cloth Period Pads - Light & Regular Starter Pack

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These eco friendly and comfortable Cloth Pads are perfect for those days of the month. They are very soft and gentle on your sensitive area. All the different layers of fabric work together to ensure comfort and absorbency and reduce leaking issues.  The outer layer made of soft cotton fabric has a pretty pattern. The perfect choice for you to wear alone during your period, or together with a menstrual cup. It's also great for mild daily incontinence. This is a great alternative to disposable pads, if you're looking to start your stash and save some money, because they are washable and reusable and it will last for years. When you use a washable Pad, you will help the environment, too. 
This can be the perfect gift for your sister or daughter or friend, who just got her first period.

*** Made to Order ***

This Starter Pack includes:

2 x Light Flow CSPs

1 x Regular Flow CSP

Available in two shapes: Moon shape, flare shape - Sun shape, hourglass shape

They are all topped with Jersey and backed with AntiPil Polar Fleece

The Core part comes in a variety of materials depending on availability: Flannel, Hemp Fleece, Organic Bamboo Fleece, Heavy Organic Bamboo Fleece, Super Heavy Organic Bamboo Fleece and ZORB2 and ZORB 3D.

CARE: Fabric has been prewashed and dried prior to assembling. 
If your Pads have any stains/blood stains, you may soak them in cold water with baking soda or salt or any oxygen detergent for a few minutes to remove staining. Then, put them into the washing machine and wash on a gentle wash, low temperature with your regular laundry.
DO NOT Tumble Dry. Dry flat.
Please, be aware that fabric softener may cause fabrics to repel liquid.

*** Fully absorbent after 1 wash ***